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What People Are Saying

Cannot beat this product!

"I have used Mega Bee for new nuc start ups, and to give my hives a boost in the spring time, and I have not experienced, anything to rival it.
My bees would explode in numbers.
They consumed any Mega Bee product, which I put before them at a very rapid pace.
I truly do love, Mega Bee products.
You cannot beat this product.
I could not get it last year due to late ordering. They were all sold out."

Henry Rollins


"I've used other supplements thinking that there would be no difference in colony growth rate or overall health. I quickly learned that the money I saved on feed by using a lesser quality supplement was being used to combat nosema and being able to make and sell fewer divides. It's easy to overlook the long term benefits of a quality pollen supplement but I've paid the price and plan on sticking with Megabee. Feed'em Megabee and split'em and you won't be disappointed."

Marcel Mueller

Best feed on the market

"In my experience, MegaBee is the best commercial protein supplement available on the market today."

Brian Ashurst

Ashurst Bee Company,

Westmoreland, CA

You have to use MegaBee

"This past pollination season was the most profitable that I've had yet. If you want to earn that premium rental fee you have to use MegaBee. It pays for itself while building a better bee."

Wade Fisher

Fisher Bee Farm, Lewisburg, PA

The product you want

"Stunning Product. This was our first beekeeping season with two hives of purchased nucs from two local beekeepers in Northern Connecticut in late May/early June.

We used Megabee from the onset to assist the growth and health of the hives. The results are phenomenal. Healthy, disease-free bees.

5 frames have grown into two packed 10-frame deeps with every frame filled. Feeling very confident that with a strong overwintering, we will be doing splits next year with these two hives.

Megabee is super easy to use. We create patties for our hives; quickly and efficiently. Bees love it!"

Todd C Vouglas

MegaBee beats the best

"We at Miksa Honey Farms have been feeding pollen supplements for over 40 years to keep our bees healthier.

At times, finding the right proteins are very difficult as products change. Production facilities also change, not produce a good product i.e. the loss of the best in the 70's Wheast. We find MegaBee beats the best 'Wheast'.

Thanks for the efforts to place this very good product on the market."

David Miksa

Miksa Honey Farms

Has MegaBee changed your hives too? Let us know!

"I began feeding MegaBee at the end of December. In January my hives fed MegaBee maintained their strength when other beekeepers hives were declining due to the unusual cold and wet along with other environmental factors. The dinks I left home from almonds and continued to feed MegaBee with a 1/2 gallon of Fumagillin were as strong as the hives I rented when I pulled them out of almonds. I'm pretty sure my bees were sprayed with Pristine and Rovral which caused brood rearing to stall, but then bounced back.. The dinks went from 5 frames or less at the beginning of Feb. to 9+ frame average in mid March. Your company has been extremely helpful to me in getting the consistency I desired when making patties from the powder. You made your staff available to me so I could discuss my concerns directly with them. As a beekeeper I was impressed that the MegaBee staff would devote so much time and effort to help me get the product to mix correctly."

Alan Heninger

Bay Area Beekeeper

Letter To Gordon:

"When you met me, you probably met the most critical person in beekeeping (next to yourself). I am extremely skeptical and always hyper suspicious when it comes to any products in the hive. I am a very unforgiving, hardcore naturalist. Although you are a business person (as I am, for the last 34 years) and want to re-coop your investment on your time and research, your research and presentation left no shadow of doubt in my mind that you are truly dedicated to the "art" of beekeeping and not just there for the "quick buck". I have always believed that if you just do the right thing, all the rest will follow and usually in ten fold fashion. Congratulations on "breaking the code."

Scott Seccomb, Maryland

Bowie Upper Marlboro Beekeepers Association President

Letter To Maryland State Beekeepers Association Members:

"If you missed Saturdays M.S.B.A. Meeting, all I can say is OUCH! Steve Mc Daniel (M.S.B.A. President) had Dr. Gordon Wardell give a talk about his newly developed Honeybee Supplement, MegaBee.

After listening to the first half of his discussion on this product, I quickly got the feeling that the name "MegaBee" was derived from the Mega Research, the Mega Testing, the Mega Time and the amount of Mega Care that went into the production of this supplement.From individual ingredients selection, testing and analysis to the individual ingredient particle sizes and "cold milling", no detail was overlooked in its development. Perhaps that is why it outperforms all other commercial products currently available. This product was compared to just about every other supplement on the market and a homebrewed one as well and came out on top in every category of testing. From the high consumption rate to the individual ingredient benefits, MegaBee has all the important bases covered and they LIKE IT! There is just too much common sense and research in this product for it not to find its way into my colonies in the weeks ahead. I'm not much on feeding bees and I tend to be a very harsh critic of anything that goes into my colonies. With the amount of research and more importantly, who did it and how it was conducted, all I can say is, get a bag and use it this spring. Better yet, start going to the meetings and hear and see for yourself. I firmly believe that this product is something you can believe in, rather than just try."