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The right feed can make
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Perfect pH

Some pollen sources can be hard on a bee's gut health. Scientific research shows negative effects from high-alkaline diets, so MegaBee is acidified to help ensure your bees are at their best.

Balanced AA's

Amino acids are the bulding blocks of bee development. MegaBee carefully balances all 10 essential aminos in their proper ratios to mimic the best pollen sources in the world.

Plant power

Honey bees are vegetarians. We believe they should stay that way. MegaBee is prouldy 100% plant based and stays away from animal products, cheap fillers or flavorings.

Unique milling

We reduce MegaBee's particle size down to a fraction of a pollen grain. Not only does this maximize nutrional absorption, but also means zero trash on your bottom boards.

Flexible feed

The most versatile feed on the market. Make a patty, try protein candy boards, or put it directly into your syrup feeders, all of this and more is possible because of our unique milling process.

Three bees lined up licking a MegaBee patty

Give your bees something they'll actually CRAVE.

In designing MegaBee, we realized that in order to make something bees really loved we needed their input. Over the better part of five years our scientists worked in collaboration with the USDA ARS' bee research division testing hundreds of ingredients in order to find a combination that the bees love and gives them the right nutrition they so desperately need.

The result is a produt that is purely plant based, perfectly pH balanced and absolutely free of cheap fillers, stimulants, or flavorings.

Want to know more about how MegaBee was created? Click below.

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a closeup of a pile of MegaBee powder showing the very fine particle size

More than just a feed

Quite simply, MegaBee is the only product of its kind. It is a high-protein pollen supplement that can be fed as a patty, liquid, candyboard, or dry feed.

Our scientists balanced its ingredients into the proper ratios so that your bees get the beneficial nutrition they deserve without the guesswork... just open, mix, and feed.

We use a highly-sophisticated milling process to reduce the particle size of our powder down to a fraction of a pollen grain. This allows the beneficial nutrition in MegaBee to be more easily digested, giving your hive the nutrition it needs to thrive.


When it comes to feeding, size matters.

Have you ever fed a patty only to see trash end up all over your bottom boards? Not with MegaBee.

It might not come as a shock, but a bee's digestive tract isn't very long. From the time they eat something (until it winds up on your windshield) there is a limited window in which their bodies can break down food. One of MegaBee's keys is its ability to be processed quickly because of its unique particle size. Every batch of MegaBee is put through an intensive milling process to ensure it can be taken up easily and broken down quickly in the bees system.

Decrease the particle size -> Increase surface area -> Maximize nutritional aborption

Side by side comparison of a bee's gut digesting MegaBee versus one digesting pollen
Freshly made MegaBee patties being poured out of a bowl onto wax paper

Make it yourself,
or leave it to us.

Easy mixing directions for any size batch mean you can make fresh patties in a heatbeat. Think you can't make patties? Think again.

If mixing isn't your thing, no problem! We perfected our recipe so your hives are sure to love our pre-made patties. Made with just MegaBee, natural sugar, and oil - not HFCS.

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MegaBee stimulates what we call the
"honey bee fountain of youth."

  • Increased royal jelly production

    Uniquely formulated to stimulate hypophrangeal production & extend viability beyond its normal cycle, resulting in excess royal jelly.

  • Powerful brood booster

    More royal jelly means eggs & larvae practically swimming in good nutrition. The healthier your brood, the stronger your future hive.

  • Extend each bee's lifespan

    Time to roll back the clock on your old bees. Nurses with excess royal jelly then begin sharing it with older bees whose bodies can no longer consume traditional protein sources like pollen, extending their lifespans. If every bee lived one week longer...what would that do for your hives?


See What Beekeepers Are Saying

The product you want

"Stunning Product. This was our first beekeeping season with two hives of purchased nucs from two local beekeepers in Northern Connecticut in late May/early June. We used MegaBee from the onset to assist the growth and health of the hives. The results are phenomenal. Healthy, disease-free bees. 5 frames have grown into two packed 10-frame deeps with every frame filled. Feeling very confident that with a strong overwintering, we will be doing splits next year with these two hives. MegaBee is super easy to use. We create patties for our hives; quickly and efficiently. Bees love it!"

Todd C Vouglas


"I've used other supplements thinking that there would be no difference in colony growth rate or overall health. I quickly learned that the money I saved on feed by using a lesser quality supplement was being used to combat nosema and being able to make and sell fewer divides. It's easy to overlook the long-term benefits of a quality pollen supplement but I've paid the price and plan on sticking with Megabee. Feed'em Megabee and split'em and you won't be disappointed."

Marcel Mueller

You have to use MegaBee

"This past pollination season was the most profitable that I've had yet. If you want to earn that premium rental fee you have to use MegaBee. It pays for itself while building a better bee."

Wade Fisher

Fisher Bee Farm, Lewisburg, PA

MegaBee beats the best

"We at Miksa Honey Farms have been feeding pollen supplements for over 40 years to keep our bees healthier. At times, finding the right proteins are very difficult as products change. Production facilities also change, not produce a good product i.e. the loss of the best in the 70's 'Wheast'. We find MegaBee beats the best Wheast. Thanks for the efforts to place this very good product on the market."

David Miksa

Miksa Honey Farms

Cannot beat this product!

"I have used Mega Bee for new nuc start ups, and to give my hives a boost in the spring time, and I have not experienced, anything to rival it. My bees would explode in numbers. They consumed any Mega Bee product, which I put before them at a very rapid pace. I truly do love, Mega Bee products. You cannot beat this product. I could not get it last year due to late ordering. They were all sold out."

Henry Rollins

Best feed on the market

"In my experience, MegaBee is the best commercial protein supplement available on the market today."

Brian Ashurst

Ashurst Bee Company,

Westmoreland, CA

A beautiful frame of brood being pulled out of the hive by a beekeeper


At MegaBee, we are committed to providing the world's highest quality source of nutrition for honey bees. Every ingredient is sourced from the finest materials and put through intensive testing. MegaBee was carefully built for your bees by some of the brightest scientific minds in the industry. The consistent results and incredible beekeepr feedback we recieve are what propel us forward.


Our company is deeply rooted in the beekeeping community. We crave strong hives just like every beekeeper in America and we know those are getting harder to deliver these days. We know that getting the right nutrition to your bees is critical and that there is no "one solution" for how to feed your bees.


Should you ever need advice on how to build your hives drop us a message. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

asked questions

Have a question that isn't here? We have tons more.

Check out the rest of our FAQs & mixing directions on our about page.

We are proud to say that MegaBee is 100% plant based and contains no animal products of any kind. Some products use some pretty crazy ingredients: eggs, spray-dried chicken blood, whey/casein mixtures…the list goes on. But bees are vegetarians and we think they should stay that way. In developing MegaBee we asked the bees which plant products they liked best, then our scientists carefully balanced those ingredients to mimic the best pollen sources for bees.
That is entirely up to you. Supplemental feeding can be done whenever your hive needs a boost. Our beekeepers feed for all sorts of reasons: spring build-up, when installing new packages, after making splits, during a weak pollen flow, when stressed or dealing with disease, after mite treatments, and building up for (or keeping them alive during) winter to name a few.
MegaBee is carefully formulated to ensure when mixed it won’t mold or spoil like other products. As for the powder itself, we hear from beekeepers all the time about how they found a bag deep in their pantry/garage/honey house. Rest assured. We ran trials on MegaBee that showed zero degradation for up to four years. Our advice is to keep it in a cool dry place (sealed as best as possible because other insects love it too) and it will be just fine. Worst case - after too much time it will start to lose a bit of its natural scent bees love but should feed just fine.
The short answer – for best results (to really get the hive built up) research suggests two good brood cycles = 6 weeks. We call it the “6-week rule.”

Think about this one. You go out and put beautiful fresh patties on your hives. The bees recognize them, start eating them and putting all that magical nutrition to work. The queen starts laying, nurse bees start producing tons of royal jelly and flood those immature cells with it. The brood is in heaven. They start giving off more and more brood pheromone – “feed me” becomes “FEEED ME.”

…and then you don’t put another patty on. The nutrition is used up and there isn't enough coming in naturally. What are they forced to do? When they recognize they have more immatures than they can feed they end up pulling out the brood.

The worst thing you can do is get your hive going strong and then shut off the tap. Keeping patties on for 4-6 weeks ensures plenty of time for brood to develop, turn into nurses, and then raise yet another crop of young healthy bees. That influx of young healthy workers jumpstarts your hive's growth and gives the bees what they need to turn things around in the hive.
Not to worry…you can’t mess them up that bad! If they come out a bit dry add some extra syrup until they reach the preferred consistency. If they are too runny cover the mixture and give it some time to set up – MegaBee will continue to absorb moisture. If after that time it is still too soft then add some extra powder.

When mixing for our hives, we like it a bit on the soft side, sort of resembling a firm pancake mixture. Some beekeepers like to make it to the consistency of cookie dough and form little balls before pressing between wax paper. The choice is yours…but trust us – once you get your mix down you’ll never buy pre-made patties again.